Pollinator garden

In 2017 some members of the Lakefield Horticultural Society, established, with the permission of Selwyn Township, a pollinator garden in the southwest corner of Isabel Morris Park. A pollinator garden is one which provides food and nesting sites for pollinators such as bees, butterflies, birds and bats.

The area is surrounded by shrubbery with a pathway leading to the centre, where a “bee house” is situated.  This is an 18”x11” box, filled with blocks of wood, logs, stems and cones, all drilled with holes. Solitary bees lay their eggs in the tunnels or holes, and then seal the entrance. On a warm day many small bees can be seen going in and out of the tunnels.

The garden is planted with native and some non native plants that purposefully attract pollinators with their nectar and pollen. Plants such as echinacea, liatris, butterfly weed, goldenrod, and serviceberry provide an important food source for pollinators. The surrounding meadow of Isabel Morris Park is also very inviting to pollinators.


The gardens in Cenotaph Park and around Memorial Hall have become a thing of beauty in the centre of Lakefield. A number of members congregate at the park in the spring to do the initial planting. Individuals then agree to volunteer to do a week of maintenance and watering of the gardens throughout the growing season.

Hanging baskets and standing planters also decorate the Village. The plants for these are purchased by the Society, and watered daily by the

Township of Selwyn. This year we are so pleased to receive substantial donations from merchants and the local Chamber of Commerce to help pay for these.

Society members also maintain the Sign garden on the Lakefield Road, the vegetable planters at Isabel Morris Park and the library garden in Buckhorn.

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