Isabel Morris Park

In October of 1984, the The Village of Lakefield passed a motion to rename the park behind the Community Centre, alongside the marina “The Isabel Morris Park.”

So who was Isabel Morris?

Isabel Millage (Morris) was Ed Millage and Nettie Watterbury’s daughter. She was sister to Ralph and Jack Millage and mother of  Scott, Leslie, Kay and Steve. Married to Ken Morris.

Isabel was highly respected and very involved in the community eventually holding the position of Reeve. She was a very kind person and made decisions based on fairness and what was best for Lakefield and the residents. She was involved in a lot of charity work in Lakefield. She was a volunteer at Lang Pioneer Village and would dress in clothes of the era.

Isabel had the kind of infectious humour that soon had everyone in stitches. It has been said that if you came into the house and people were all laughing like crazy you’d know that Isabel Morris was in the house. Kind smart loving zany.  It was also said that Isabel would walk across a ten acre ploughed field, in high heels, just to say hello.  She had a beautiful smile and was exceptionally friendly to all. A fine lady

At one time Isabel worked as a nurse.  The family had a cottage on Clear Lake that is now occupied by daughter Katie.

Isabel died at a fairly young age of a heart attack or stroke on a very hot summer day while attending an amusement park with her only two grand children. Her husband Ken, owner or Morris chemical, established in 1948, had also been on council.

Today numerous community events take place at Isabel Morris Park. The Lakefield Farmers Market, The Jazz festival, Canada Day celebrations and other events. A more recent addition to the park is a skateboard park.

The Lakefield Horticultural Society established a pollinator garden in the park in 2017 and maintains a few container gardens there as well.

Research by Brenda Ibey with help of Vintage Lakefield Facebook page. Also Aileen Dean, Dianne Tedford, Neil Wasson, Barb Nichols and many more.


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