December 12th, 6:00pm Christmas potluck

Join us Tuesday Dec. 12th at 6:00pm for our annual potluck dinner.

Turkey and ham will be provided along with refreshments.

Please bring along a main or dessert to share. We have a hungry group so be sure to bring enough so all can share!

Also, bring your plate, cutlery and cup.

Well enjoy some social time together, a game and a song or two.


Since the need is so great, we will also be accepting food donations for the Lakefield food bank. Please bring also a donation for our collection box. A member will collect and drop off for us.

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Walkabout June 13, 6pm:  – Cedar Grove Organic Farm 625 Shamrock Road, Omemee


Established in the 1900’s this farm will be a tour back in time. With a 100 year old barn, fields and greenhouses filled with vegetables and herbs this tour will bring us back to basics.

Wear comfortable shoes as we’ll be moving around the farm to see the fields and barns.

Car pooling is recommended.

It was in the 70s when the O’Neil farm was purchased by a group of people from the Peterborough/Toronto area, under the name Kawartha Hills Organic Farm. The farm functioned as a co-operative until it changed hands again in 2005. Scott King began work on the farm in 2012, and now runs the business.

This is a CSA farm. CSA stands for ‘Community Supported Agriculture’. CSA’s give you direct access to local produce by purchasing a ‘share’ of the seasons yields. Shares are purchased in advance of the season, giving the farmer financial assistance for purchasing seed, supplies, and equipment. In return, you get a weekly box of fresh produce!

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May 9, 7pm – Denis Orendt, Blue Frog Water Gardens: Ponds and Water features

Learn the basics about pond construction, pond rehabilitation, fountain use as well as plants and proper maintenance from Denis. With 10 years experience he’ll have a wealth of information to share.

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2022 plans

Plans are underway to hold a combination of Zoom presentations and Summer Garden Walk-Abouts. Since we’ve missed a few we’re going to attempt to have a meeting or garden visit every month except January and December.

We had hoped to hold some tours last summer but for a variety of reasons only one took place. We visited Anna’s Perennials in Lindsay. Wonderful!

Paul Zammit has committed to presenting again.  This will most likely be in May. If we are able to once again hold in person meetings, this will be at the Marshland centre, otherwise it will be by zoom.

We also have plans for other great speakers on topics such as Dahlia’s, Hydrangeas, Native Plants, Pollinators etc.  Stay tuned!


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Walk-abouts 2021!

Exciting news!!

This year instead of meeting together at the Marshland Centre we’ll be inviting members to tour various gardens and venues around the area.

The Walk-abouts will begin at 6pm and will be less than 2 hours.

The Walk-Abouts are now listed on the website with full instructions.

2021 Walk-abouts

These are for members only, and numbers will be limited to each event. So be sure to sign up early! Our president Dianne Tedford will take your registration. Her contact info will be available in our newsletter and can also be found in the back of your 2020 yearbook. No year book will be produced this year.

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Come to a meeting and check us out!

Are you interested in finding out more about the Lakefield Horticultural Society?  Why not come out to a meeting and see what we’re all about? Admission is free to most meetings, and you don’t have to be a member to … Continue reading

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Speakers 2024

Feb 13-Zoom-Lynne Patenaude, Invasive Species–what can gardeners do?

Escaped garden plants are the number one source of invasive plants in Canada. Learn which
 common garden plants can escape and invade surrounding natural areas, which native alternatives offer similar beauty, and if you have invasive plants in your garden, how to choose the best option for control.

Mar. 12 Anna Mizyn, Blooms for butterfly’s

With the increased pressure on the natural habitat our pollinators and butterflies need all the help they can get – Anna will focus on plants that do best in our area and what will assist in attracting the butterflies to your gardens.

Anna plans to bring along several potted perennials for sale as well. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn more about the relationship between plants and butterflies.

Apr. 9 – Ken Brown, Vertical Vegetables

Space is a major concern when growing vegetables. At this meeting Ken will show you as many innovative ideas as he can to maximize the use of limited space. He calls these techniques, Vertical Vegetables. There are lots of vegetables that can be grown up, instead of out, such as peas, cucumbers, zucchini etc. There are some that are as decorative as they are useful and Ken will share some fun ways to include vegetables in your landscape.

May 14- Tony Spencer, Wildscaping: Explorations in Naturalistic Planting Design

Wildscaping is about using plant-driven landscape design to create and sustain dynamic garden spaces, filled with beauty and wildlife, to rekindle our relationship to the natural world. Join host Tony Spencer for an encounter with some of the international designers, innovations, issues, and landscapes leading the way – along with a look at his own experimental design projects – to inspire garden-making with a sense of purpose on the wild side.

Aug. 13-Walk about Sanctuary Flower Fields with Kelly Convery

Kelly, a former  Peterborough paramedic , has turned her love of flowers into a business  at  Sanctuary Flower  Fields in Ennismore. She grows all her seasonal flowers from seed and offers a variety of services including floral design, U-Pick and her fields provide excellent opportunities for photography- so, bring your camera for this private farm tour!

Sep. 10- Annie Scherz-Natural inks

Creating and using Natural inks isn’t that complicated. You can throw almost any pigment-rich base ingredient into an old pot with some basic ingredients and you have ink! These ingredients can be berries, vegetables, flowers, leaves…the resulting ink can be used to dye paper or fabric! Join us this evening for a hands on demonstration and open your eyes to new ways to look at your garden!

Oct. 8-Laura Keresztesi-Rain Gardens | Green-Up Coordinator, Neighbourhood & Residential Programs.

Do you ever worry about flooding when it rains? Curious about what happens to rain after it hits the ground? Interested in techniques to reduce runoff and keep water clean?  As climate change progresses, so too do more frequent and high-volume rain storms. Laura will share information on designing and installing rain gardens. These gardens can be both practical and beautiful!

Nov. 12-Emmy Murphy-The UK’s Gardens, Private and Public

In May 2022 Emma and her husband Grant traveled to southern England — not only to see many of the famous gardens (Sissinghurst, Great Dixter etc.) but also some lesser known beautiful private gardens. She’ll share with us her experiences meeting the people behind these private gardens in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Sussex; some information about the UK’s National Garden Scheme; and of course, lots of lovely photos!



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Nov. 14th, 7pm-Making a winter container with Lynn Lavoie

The Lakefield Horticultural Society invites you to learn about creating winter planters with their guest speaker Lynn Lavoie. The meeting will be held at the Lakefield Marshland Centre, Hague blvd. Tuesday Nov. 14th at 7pm.

Lynn will bring along lots of winter greenery plus accessories and invite a few guests to try their hand at making a beautiful winter container as well. Using a variety of hardy  greens such as pine, holly berries, colourful branches and accessories, Lynn will give some easy and practical tips so guests can create their own containers.

In addition there will be a short annual general meeting with board members and executive being installed for the 2024 year.

This a free event and guests are welcome to attend.

Thank you  to Anna from Anna’s perennials for the beautiful photograph.


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Oct 10th- Kerry Hackett, “Herb Gardens 1.0: Design, Create, Enjoy! 

As we all know, nutrition is fundamental to our health and well-being. So too is Herbal Medicine. Like the plants we consume as food, Herbal Medicine improves natural function by providing nourishment and strength, allowing the body to return to a vibrant state of health.


Kerry will offer some ideas on designing an herb garden and then using the herbs in our kitchen or “medicine cabinet.”

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Houseplants – Jennifer Guertin

Join us Tuesday Sept. 12th at 7pm at the Marshland centre to learn about houseplants from experienced gardener Jennifer Guertin.

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Plant sale Saturday May 20th 8:30am till sold out

LAKEFIELD HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY ANNUAL PLANT SALE Plant sale May 20th, 2023. 8:30 am till sold out in downtown Lakefield in the cenotaph gardens just over the bridge. Over 500 plants have been potted up and will be growing nicely and … Continue reading

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SOLD OUT: April 11 – Lorraine Johnson “Gardening for Pollinating Insects: Friends not Foes”

Please note: You must pre-register for this talk as space is limited. There will a $10.00 fee to attend. Contact Ceci Leigh for more information.

Sold out. Contact Ceci to be put on the waiting list.


Our gardens come alive when visited by birds, bees, butterflies and beneficial insects. This illustrated talk provides practical information about how to create welcoming habitat that meets the full life-cycle needs of beneficial insects.

Lorraine Johnson has been writing about gardening as a force for ecological and social change for more than 30 years, in numerous books such as Green Future; Tending the Earth; The Ontario Naturalized Garden; Grow Wild; The Real Dirt; City Farmer; 100 Easy-to-Grow Native Plants for Canadian Gardens, and the recently published A Garden for the Rusty-Patched Bumblebee (co-authored with Sheila Colla). In this illustrated talk, Lorraine shares stories and readings from these works, looking at what we can learn from efforts to rethink some gardening traditions in order to take us into a future of ecological health and justice. Prepare for some humour and some provocation, unified by the idea that our gardens matter now more than ever.

“Lorraine Johnson has been one of the most constant and helpful advocates of putting native plants back into the garden.” – A History of Canadian Gardening, by Carol Martin, published in 2000

Lorraine’s new book A Garden for the Rusty-Patched Bumblebee, in addition to some of her other books will be available for sale with author signing following the talk.

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March 14th, 7pm. Primal Patch, Laura and Robert Johnson “Landscaping with the earth in mind.”

Did you know that to manufacture bricks or concrete massive amounts of CO2 emissions are produced? Primal Patch is a new business with sustainability in mind when it comes to garden construction. They use real stone for their patios and lay by hand.

Laura and Robert Johnson design and build landscape elements such as stone patios and native gardens with the environment front and centre.

Laura went to George Brown college in Toronto for Construction Project Management and began working for a small construction business in Cobourg.  Within a year or two the company grew substantially and they ended up winning bids on large projects such as Venture 13 in Cobourg and Regency Retirement here in Lakefield.  Laura learned how to read blueprints, interpret building codes and work with the other trades to achieve their goals within budget.

Growing up on a family operated beef farm outside of Bobcaygeon Robert has never been scared of a hard day’s work.  In the summers he worked as a labourer for a local landscaper that specialized in local stone work.  Robert has had a passion for natural stonescapes ever since.  Robert has almost 20 years of building experience, is a trained health and safety representative and brings his meticulous eye to every project.

With their drive for Entrepreneurship, Roberts know how and having their  hearts set on conservation, wthey launched Primal Patch in 2021. Their goal is to create yards inclusive of the natural environment while still respecting our cultural needs for aesthetics.

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