The New CHEX Daily

tiresMonday August 11th we filmed an episode of The NEW CHEX Daily to promote the Lakefield Antique and Flower Show.  If you missed it on TV you can watch it here on Youtube!  A shortened version will be available soon…

Jasmin from The Gypsy Barn is a very creative person. She takes what a lot of us may call “junk” and turns it into something fun and awesome!  With over 90,000 likes on her Facebook page she must be doing something right! She was our special guest for this show and turned an antique sled into a garden seat and a chicken coop into a table!

Jasmin will show us many of her creations that may fit into your garden or be a garden themed item for your home!

Check out last years CHEX Daily show!

We are promoting our Antique and Flower Show which will be held Wed. August 13th from 10am to 7pm and Thursday August 14th from 10am to 5pm.chex 2014 4 chex 2014 5 chex 2014 chex 2014-2 chex2014 3

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