Feb. 12th Heather Ray, Peterborough Green-Up: Rain Gardens

Feb 12, 2019 newsletter

Unfortunately due to inclement weather, this talk was cancelled. BUT-Good news!  Heather will make a shorter presentation at our Spring flower show in June.

Feb. 12th Heather Ray, Peterborough Green-Up: Rain Gardens, 7pm

Heather Ray works for Peterborough Green-Up managing their Water programs. She has helped to install a number of rain gardens in and around the city. She’ll speak about the importance of these rain gardens.

She’ll answer all your questions! Questions like: What is a rain garden? Why use rain gardens? What makes a rain garden different from regular gardens? Are rain gardens breeding areas for mosquitoes? Do rain gardens require much maintenance? How big does a rain garden need to be?

Stop watering your driveway! Build a rain garden instead!

Guests always welcome at no charge. Refreshments served after the meeting.

In addition Mike Chellew will make a short presentation on bird houses and will also be taking orders!

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