Past speakers – 2014 – 2023

(Please note: This is a list of previous speakers for information only)


Feb. 14th: Kara & Chris Johnson. Rocky Meadows Lavender, Growing and Using Lavender

Learn about the different varieties of lavender available for growing. Which are best for our region, have the best scent or attract pollinators. Kara and Chris have a beautiful property and will share their knowledge on this wonderful plant.

March 14th:  Primal Patch, Laura and Robert Johnston “Working with natural stone in the garden”  Did you know that to produce bricks or concrete produces massive amounts of CO2 emissions? Primal Patch is a new business with sustainability in mind when it comes to garden construction. They use real stone for their patios and lay by hand with very little equipment in the mix. This presentation will be an eye opener for many.
April 11 – Lorraine Johnson “Gardening for Pollinating Insects: Friends not Foes”

Our gardens come alive when visited by birds, bees, butterflies and beneficial insects. This illustrated talk provides practical information about how to create welcoming habitat that meets the full life-cycle needs of beneficial insects and other wildlife. $10.00 admission fee. Contact Ceci Leigh for tickets.

May 9- Denis Orendt, Blue Frog Water Gardens: Ponds and Water features

Learn the basics about pond construction, plants and proper maintenance from Denis. With 10 years experience he’ll have a wealth of information to share.

6pm:  Walkabout June 13- Cedar Grove Organic Farm 625 Shamrock Road, Omemee

Established in the 1900’s this farm will be a tour back in time. With a 100 year old barn, fields and greenhouses filled with vegetables and herbs this tour will bring us back to basics.

September 12- Jennifer Guertin– Fun with house plants

The love of house plants has grown over the last few years Jennifer will provide some great information on plant choices and care.

Oct 10th- Kerry Hackett, “Herb Gardens 1.0: Design, Create, Enjoy!  As we all know, nutrition is fundamental to our health and well-being. So too is Herbal Medicine. Like the plants we consume as food, Herbal Medicine improves natural function by providing nourishment and strength, allowing the body to return to a vibrant state of health.

Kerry will offer some ideas on designing an herb garden and then using the herbs in our kitchen or “medicine cabinet.”

November 14th – Lynn Lavoie  Lynn will bring materials and containers and show us how to make some winter planters. Two lucky members will go home with the containers after the workshop.


ZOOM Feb. 9th: Dazzling Hydrangeas – How to Get Them and Keep Them!

Hydrangeas are among the most popular flowering shrubs and it’s easy to understand why. Hydrangeas are showy, versatile and adaptable. However, to get the best out of your hydrangeas there are a few factors to consider – most importantly, the variety that you are growing. We will discuss the main types and how to maintain them, for a recurring dazzling display!

ZOOM March 8th:

Molly & Alex Shannon from Canadian Succulents in Uxbridge

  • indoor container gardening with a variety of succulents
  • growing hardy perennial succulents outdoors in Ontario
  • how to successfully propagate succulent plants
Zoom April 12th: Sean James
“Named by Landscape Ontario as 2020 and 2021’s Garden Communicator of the Year, gardening has been Sean James’ hobby and profession for almost 40 years. A graduate of Niagara Parks School of Horticulture, a Master Gardener, writer, and teacher, Sean focuses on eco-gardening techniques, which makes sense since he grew up surrounded by nature near Crawford Lake in Campbellville. He has spoken from the Maritimes to Seattle and landscaped from Nova Scotia to California. Sean has had the honour to be part of creating the new Ontario Landscape Tree Planting Guide, the Grow-Me-Me-Instead guide, the Ontario Horticultural Apprenticeship Curriculum and the national Red Seal Occupational Standard, and the Master Gardeners Reference Manual. He has participated in chairing the Environmental Stewardship Committee for Landscape Ontario, the Environmental Committee for the Perennial Plant Association, moderating the Master Gardeners of Ontario Facebook page, judging the All-American Selections garden competition and Hamilton’s Monarch Awards. He has been the Ontario spokesperson for Garden Days Canada, He has appeared on many radio shows and on television. Sean owns ‘Sean James Consulting & Design’ and instructs at Mohawk College.”
IN PERSON. May 10th: Paul Zammit-  The Power of Our Gardens: 

The Garden can be a lifelong classroom, a source of physical exercise, our personal therapy and an opportunity for us to do our part to help support the precious planet.



Walkabout June 14th: Joe & Hazel Cook, Blossom Hill Nursery

Joe and Hazel Cook are well known to the gardening community for their Peonies and Delphiniums.  Also beekeeping has been keeping them very busy. And in 2019-2020 they turned 14 acres of land into a wildflower meadow for birds and pollinators!  There will be lots of space for us to wander around and see Joe and Hazels many accomplishments.

Walkabout July 12th: Vern Bastable-Trees of the Ecology Park 

Vern Bastable is the Manager of GreenUP Ecology Park and Landscape Programs. Vern has been an integral part of GreenUP’s urban forest program and the operations of the tree nursery in GreenUP Ecology Park. He earned an Ecosystem Management Diploma from Fleming College and is an Ontario certified tree seed collector. Vern’s expertise is with urban forest management and municipal heritage tree designation.

A personal tour of The Ecology Park will be perfect on this evening. The park is often described as the “Jewel” of Peterborough.

Walkabout August 9th, David Hickey, Artist

David Hickey is best known for his metal work depicting the landscape of the Kawartha’s.  David will be giving us an indoor and outdoor tour of his studio and garden.

His manipulation of rigid hardened metal into a fluid form is reminiscent of how nature transforms the harshest of landscapes. His paintings reflect an impressionistic framework that allow the viewer to enter into the inner dialogue of the art and help complete the overall presentation. In both his paintings and metal work, David embellishes his art with colour and textures leaving a hand forged feel to the final work.

“Ideas, imagination, the natural world, mediums in transformation, organic representation within a contemporary impressionist framework, these are the components that awaken my inner creativity.” — David Hickey


Sept. 13th, 7pm – Vikki Whitney from Griffin’s Greenhouses

“All Fall: Planting and Décor for a Transition into Autumn.”

  • Bulbs
  • Fall Planters
  • Perennial Planting in the Fall:  Dos and Don’ts
  • Fall Décor

 Vikki will also offer a door prize! 

 Marshland Oct. 11: Marion Jean, Dahlias

Oakridge Dahlias is located in Port Hope. While they don’t sell from their property, they do offer sales through their website.

The remarkable variety and size of Dahlias make them ideal for any sunny, well-drained location. Dahlia flowers come in many forms and pretty much every colour but blue. Dahlia plants range in size from 12 inches to 6 feet. It is hard to have only a few.

Marshland Nov. 9th.  

It’s our anniversary!  The Lakefield Horticultural Society is 60 years old! We’ll be celebrating with cake and refreshments.   Long time members will share stories of years gone by and we’ll have a short slide show to share.

2020 February 11:  Marg Burley – Orchids



If you have ever ventured inside the stunning greenhouse at Burley’s Gardens you know what amazing orchids Marg has. Come learn more about these fascinating flowers – proper watering, repotting, when to trim, types of medium, pest control etc. 

March 10: Joe and Hazel Cook – Beekeeping


Well known to LHS members for their amazing peonies and delphiniums, Joe and Hazel will share with us information about their newest passion, beekeeping. Come and hear some interesting facts about honeybees; their habits, hives and care, and also some humorous stories of the Cooks’ adventures as they have expanded their hives from 3 to 60 and started rearing queens!

April 14: Sean James – Garden Trends

Our feature speaker for 2020, Sean has been gardening professionally since age sixteen. He is a graduate of the prestigious Niagara Parks School of Horticulture, a Master Gardener and was named one of “20 Canadians Making a Difference” in the Canada-wide magazine GardenMaking. He will be speaking to us about sustainable, environmentally friendly garden trends for 2020.

May 12: Carlotta James – Pollinator Gardens

One of the founders of Peterborough Pollinators, Carlotta will be telling us about reimagining our urban spaces with native plants to invite not just bees, but other pollinators like bats, birds, beetles, and butterflies back into our communities, thereby helping to restore harmed ecosystems.

In 2019 she was the brain child behind the Monarch Ultra relay race from Peterborough Ontario to the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico. The race was organized in order to raise awareness of monarch butterflies who make the migratory journey every year, and whose populations are in decline.

June 16: Lakefield in Bloom – Dawn Golloher – Dividing Hostas and Daylilies



Our Lakefield in Bloom Flower Show plus a great discussion on dividing hostas and daylilies by our local expert at GardensPlus Dawn Golloher. Come learn all Dawn’s secrets to creating more beautiful plants.

September 8: Jack Hoggarth “Let’s Look after our original Medicines” Naanaagide’ en mod aa Bgwaji Mshkikiwin

A Cultural Archivist and Youth Engagement Officer at Curve Lake First Nation (FN), Jack belongs to the Turtle Clan of the Anishnaabeg and the Wolf Clan of the Gwich’in. He will talk to us about traditional FN medicines used in culture and ceremonies.

October 13: Marian Jean “Dahlias”

Marian’s first memories of dahlias are in her grandfather’s Scotland garden where the plants held their beautiful blooms well over her head. She discovered the incredible variety of dahlias while looking for ‘Jessie G’ as a gift for her mother, Jessie Giles. This began the obsession which created Oakridge Dahlias, which now grows over 900 dahlias annually (about 500 varieties) south of Peterborough.

November 10: Paula Anderson – Sustainable Agriculture/Vegetable Gardening

Paula’s organic farm Sun Root Organics integrates greenhouse and season extension operations, herb and flower growing, composting, food preservation and cold storage for winter crops, seed saving, food/gardening education and much more into an ever-evolving permaculture system on her Peterborough city property.


2019 Feb. 12th Heather Ray, Peterborough Green-Up: Rain Gardens
Does your sprinkler water the driveway?  We will hear how to direct rainwater  to the roots of plants, rather than have it flowing through the drains into our lakes and rivers.

Photo by: Melissa Spearing

March. 12th Melissa Spearing: Covering the ground New ideas for low maintenance ways to deal with spaces in the sun and shade.



Photo: Paul Zammit

April 9th, Paul Zammit: Rethinking beauty.
Inspiring gardeners in a changing world. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Whether it is the first snowdrop after a long winter, or the last rose of summer – if it makes you smile, it belongs in your garden!

Photo by: Leslie Abram

May 14th, Leslie Abram: Small Wonders
Through her detailed  photography of all types of wildlife , Leslie hopes to encourage  us to reconnect with nature.”  Look closely– you never know what you might find ”

Photo by: Jillian Bishop

June 11th, Jillian Bishop
Urban Farm Walkabout
Does this sound like an oxymoron? Come along to 3 Peterborough neighbouring locations and be inspired by “farms” in city backyards.

Photo by Brenda Ibey

Sept. 10th Rachel Burrows: Growing and using herbs
Learn a little of the History of Herbs – how to grow them successfully and use them for culinary and healing purposes. Take home some great recipes and ideas!

Photo by: Paul LaPorte

Oct. 8th, Paul LaPorte, Tracing the roots of a native plant
We know the advantages of growing native plants in our gardens —   but — do we ever wonder how they came  to flourish in Ontario?

Photo by: Leora Burman

Nov. 12th, Leora Berman, The Land Between
As the co-founder of this national charity, Leora has many years of experience in the stewardship of the remaining wilderness in southern Ontario. She will explain why protecting our local area is vital to the continuation of a uniquely diverse environment.
Dec. 10th Potluck Christmas party


2018 Monthly Meetings
Feb. 13th – Marjut Mickles: California dreamin

Marjut and her husband recently spent time in California touring some beautiful gardens. The climate in California is so much different then what we are use to and Marjut will share some of the beautiful plants she learned about while there. Xeriscaping and dry gardens will certainly be covered in her talk.  Water wise gardening is popular in California! 

Mar. 13th-Sue Chan: Pollinator Garden Design
Sue is our local “bee expert.”  We’re thrilled to have her back. Her enthusiasm for these little pollinators is contagious!  Sue will talk about the importance of pollinators and also give us some tips on designing the perfect pollinator garden.  You’ll have all the tools and tips in hand to attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden!

April 10th – Carson Arthur: Not all flowerbeds are created equal
The 10 big landscaping mistakes and how to recover from them.  As homeowners renovate their outdoor spaces, we see the same big mistakes being made over and over again. Learn what they are, how they impact the value of your home, and what you can do to fix the damage.


May 8th-John Shaw-

Rimmington: Dry Stone Walls
This man loves rocks.  He works to create beautiful structures from rocks found in our region without mortar. John creates walls, benches, arches and even bridges!  John has also written a number of books on his work and runs workshops across the country on dry stone wall construction. We’ve heard John speak before and have waited too long to invite him back. This is a talk you won’t want to miss….and it’s even an opportunity to bring a few men along to hear John as well.

June 18th, Flower Show: Lakefield in Bloom
Each year the society hosts a lovely flower show filled with roses, spring and summer flowers and also a beautiful variety of arrangements.  In addition to the flower show we have Gail West from The English Potter in Lakefield who will share some of her special pottery containers and vases that could be used to enhance the beauty of your flowers. Gail moved to Canada from England 17 years ago. She hosts open studio events but also tours around to other shows.  In addition she offers classes to all ages both in her studio and in other locations.


June 12th, 6:30pm  “walkabout” at Anna’s Perennials
The societies “walkabouts” have become very popular and fun events.  Tour Anna’s gardens at a leisurely pace or join up for a guided tour and hear from Anna herself how her garden came to be.  A beautiful garden with multiple levels and garden styles. Seeing the plants in situ helps you to decide if it will work in your own garden. Car pooling suggested.

July  10th, 6:30pm- Potluck-picnic
Join us at Mary Jane Pilgrims’ garden for our annual summer potluck picnic.  Bring a friend and food to share! Always a fun social event. (Rain date, July 11th) 


August 2nd, 9-3pm- Flower show
In its 3rd year at the Scout building on Lakefield’s waterfront, the flower show is a beautiful and fragrant event you don’t want to miss. There are floral arrangements, individual specimen flowers, photograph competitions etc. Volunteers are also on hand to answer any questions you may have. While you’re at the show, stop by the Farmer’s market and also check out the societies Pollinator garden established in 2017. 

Sept. 11th – Liz and Nick Case: “Growing Your Own Backyard Vegetables”
Their talk will be accompanied by a power point presentation of some of the gardens they have grown over the years. They will speak about companion planting, soil, light etc.

Join us to get some ideas for your 2019 vegetable garden!

Oct. 9th, – Cathy Dueck: Youth and the Natural World

Cathy has been working in the environmental field for decades and has had a special interest in getting youth involved and informed on environmental issues. Currently she is working on a project with other environmental groups in the region and will share her work at this event. 

Nov. 13th – Anna VanMaris from Parklane Landscapes:  Rain Garden design
Anna is now the President of Parklane Landscapes. She grew up in the industry, learning the ropes from her Father, Casey van Maris, who started the business in 1958.  Parklane Landscapes has been promoting sustainable landscape practices in all forms. Primarily through the explanation and construction of rain gardens.  Parklane has been a leader in the industry for sustainability and have in fact been building rain gardens for clients before they were called rain gardens, and many times, before clients even knew to ask for them. 

Feb 14th – Brenda Ibey, Flora and Fauna of 13995605_1112458555487306_6882406897774070549_oNewfoundland
In August of 2016, Brenda and her husband Clayton toured Gros Morne provincial park, Red Bay Labrador and many points in between. Brenda’s eye was tuned into the tiny alpine plants and rugged trees growing in this spectacular province. She will share photos and stories of what they saw on this rare and rugged trip. Clayton was the trip planner and will also be available after the presentation to share his favourite places to lay your head and answer any other specific questions guests may have for planning your own trip to the rock.

west-dean-kitchen-gardenMar 14th – Kris Dimnik, Kitchen gardens from the UK
Kris Dimnik studied landscape horticulture in Vancouver then moved to Ontario to learn how to farm. She has grown organic vegetables and fruits on a commercial scale for 8 years, including; running her own farm business near Guelph, as the farm lead on a 40 acre certified organic fruit and vegetable operation in the Okanagan and as head gardener at Bellevue House National Historic Site in Kingston Ontario.

Most of Kris’ travels are garden and plant related. In the summer of 2014 she visited 9 gardens in 8 days, 5 of which were restored walled kitchen gardens, as she made her way from London to Edinburgh by train.

A kitchen garden provides a household with fruits, vegetables and herbs. Between 1800 and 1939, walled kitchen gardens used incredible Victorian technology to supply a household with fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs all year round.

April 11 – Paul Zammit, Lessons from Gardens around the world

Paul Zammit, a graduate of the University of Guelph, is the Nancy Eaton Director of Horticulture at the Toronto Botanical Garden.  He is a regular speaker at garden clubs and horticultural trade shows inspiring audiences across Canada and in the United States. In recent years, Paul has presented in Germany, Switzerland and Bermuda.  He has appeared both on television and in print.

Travel with Paul Zammit to Malta where gardens and history from the 15th century connect to present day. Then on to Sicily where you’ll see renaissance style gardens and vineyards. Then tropical plants of Bermuda, English style gardens of the UK,  and more formal gardens of Germany. Paul will illustrate how we can take ideas from our travels and adapt for our own gardens. Tickets for this presentation will be available beginning in February. A sell out each year. $7.00

May 9th-Kevin Elchuk, Hostas at Giboshihill
We all love hostas for their easy care. But gone are the days of mass plantings of one variety. There are so many varieties available how can you decide? Kevin and his wife Olga run Giboshihill gardens in Camborne, ON (North of Cobourg) where they have mixed many varieties of hostas with many small ornamental trees. Visit the garden to see full grown specimens of many hostas. Giboshihill Hostas nurtures over 1400 varieties of hosta in their gardens.  They have one of the largest display gardens in Northumberland, Durham and Prince Edward Counties.  Their gardens are located just minutes from Port Hope and Cobourg, Ontario, and only an hour and a half drive east of Toronto.  They have a passion for growing the hosta and a strong knowledge of planting and care.

June 13th – Walkabout at Blossom Hill Nursery.
Joe and Hazel will give us a tour of their beautiful property. They breed and grow Delphiniums and Peonies! LOTS of flowers should be blooming.
(Members from Omemee, Ennismore and Peterborough also welcome.)


sheilaryanpicJune 20th – Rose show

July 11th – Summer potluck

August 3rd – Flower show

Sept. 12 – Joe and Hazel Cook, Year of The English Garden

In June of 2016, Joe and Hazel Cook traveled to Britain to explore the English gardens. No longer stiff and formal, today’s English gardens are vibrant, expansive, and playful.

13603713_10154227243733903_8835561760554957766_oStarting at the Cotswolds then a visit to one of Britain’s most celebrated gardens, Hidcote Manor Garden and Sissinghurst Castle Gardens (created among the ruins of a Tudor manor.) Eccentric English gardens, The Beth Chatto Gardens, Sandringham with its more than 24 hectares of stunning gardens is one of the most famous stately homes in England. More than just gardens were featured with visits to notable nurseries including Fibrex Nurseries, Ashwood Nurseries, and Peter Beales Rose Nursery. And finally a day was spent at the famous Hampton Court Flower Show.

Joe and Hazel will surely plant the seeds of gardening dreams in your mind during this presentation.

Oct. 10 – Tracy Logan, Native plants for both wet and dry landscapes
tracyloganTracy Logan will be speaking about how to incorporate native species into your gardens and landscape. Learn how to enhance your garden’s habitat and food source for our local wildlife by using native trees, shrubs, flowers and grasses. Tracy is an ISA Certified Arborist, Restoration Ecologist and Horticulturalist. Her work using native plants includes projects in forests, wetlands and prairies as well as in urban landscapes. Tracy and her husband, Matt Logan, own Logan Tree Experts, a Tree Care Service in the Kawarthas. .

Nov. 14th – Anna Mizyn from Anna’s Perennials – Cacti and succulents for the garden

annasperennialsBorn and raised in Poland, Anna moved to Canada in 1989. She and her husband grow many different varieties of plants with a focus on the unusual! This evening she’ll share her vast experience on cacti and succulents that survive, thrive and even bloom in our climate!


vegetable-gardenNov. 8th: Marcy Adzich, Green-Up-Fruit trees and Vegetable gardening

Urban Orchards is a growing movement throughout the world, where communities strive to address food security and improve pollinator ecology in dense urban environments. Many heritage fruit tree varieties have been lost due to the commercialization of fruit, and some innovative new varieties are being created which are disease resistant. Learn more about some great urban orchard projects, varieties of fruit trees you can plant in our bio-region and simple tips to care for your fruit trees. Throughout the talk Marcy will also include information about growing vegetables in your own backyard. From soil health to her favourite edibles.

Marcy Adzich is the Manager of GreenUP Ecology Park .Marcy holds a Masters Degree in Visual Arts and has been teaching in post secondary institutions and community education programs for over 15 years across Canada and the US. Marcy shares her skills and expertise as an experienced landscape designer, local food advocate, beekeeper and citizen arborist working to develop meaningful environmental programs and projects in the Peterborough community since 2011.


butterfly-gardenOct. 11th: Cathy Dueck, Planting for Butterfly’s
Gardens can act as important connection between nature and other natural habitat by offering abundant supplies of nectar. Butterflies will visit any garden, however small, if they can feed from suitable nectar plants and a well thought out garden can attract a wide variety of butterfly’s. If you manage your patch to create breeding habitat you may see even more. Cathy will show us how to create a beautiful butterfly garden from the soil up!


LHS492Sept 13th: Jeff Mason, Bulbs

One of the easiest ways to bring color to an early spring garden is with fall bulbs. It’s as simple as digging a hole and dropping your bulbs in. After a long winter of cold temperatures and little color, your blooming bulbs will be the most welcoming sight!

Hardy favourites like daffodil, tulips, grape hyacinth, crocus and more are great choices, but others such as Allium, Frittilaria, Scilla or Galanthus can add wonderful colour and interest to your spring garden.

Jeff Mason from Mason House Gardens will demonstrate all the steps for planting. He’ll also share his favourite bulbs and combinations for the best spring colour.”

August 4th:  Late summer flower show at the Scout building

June 14th, 7:oopm: Grow and Show Workshop


In preparation for the Rose and Flower show, our very own Toni Sinclair will be hosting a free workshop giving some tips and tricks on entering  into flower shows. Whether it be deciphering the Flower show schedule or choosing the most complimentary vase for your specimen flowers, she’ll answer any questions you have.

This workshop will be held at the Marshland Centre. Pre-registration is requested. Call Toni at 705-657-3280


S47_1June 21st: Rose show
Every year the Society presents an excellent show of our communities beautiful flowers. The show focuses on Roses and the many varieties now available.  Some roses are especially grown for their scent while others for their numerous blooms or new colours. Many other flowers also available at this time of year and included in the show are flowers such as begonias, carnations, pansies, petunias, phlox, sweet peas, columbines, Canterbury bells, delphiniums etc. You must be a member to enter your flowers, so be sure to join up before the rose show.

You don’t have to be a member to attend this terrific show and admission is free!

We have many people exhibit their beautiful tulips, daffodils, bleeding hearts and other spring flowers. A terrific showing of flowers as usual by our exuberant members.


ghbtriverMay 31st, 7:00pm:
Walk about at The Greenhouse on the River
Each year we add an extra evening to our schedule at prime gardening season where we visit one of our local greenhouses or garden centres. This year we’ll be visiting The Greenhouse on The River. Owners, Peter and Elyn Green have been active members with our society for many years and they produce wonderful quality plants at their greenhouse.  It will be a TREAT to have an exclusive visit in May.



7:30p.m. Lakefield Marshland Centre

May 10th: Frank Kershaw – Miraculous Mosses for Garden Design!
More than just a ground cover, mosses are a diverse plant group offering great utilitarian value as well as stunning design potential. Learn how to identify and use various mosses and companion plants in exciting garden applications varying from a moss lawn to green moss accents on garden sculptures. The care and propagation of mosses for both sun and shade will be included.

410780_387248391361352_1405142831_oApril 12th: Darren Heimbecker from Whistling Gardens-Building Canada’s Newest Botanical Garden
Admission $7.00 Tickets available beginning in February.

The presentation will cover some of the latest woody plant introductions and a light hearted look at the behind the scenes of building of the Canada’s Newest Botanical Garden.

Since opening in 2012,  Whistling Gardens has received two major awards and was recently voted as one of “The Best Botanical gardens in Canada” and the #4 Conifer Garden in the world  to visit.   Explore nearly 20 acres of gardens and view over 4,000 thousand different plants. A kaleidoscope of autumn colour awaits you!

The Musical Fountain Program with 110 fountains choreographed to music runs daily at 11:15, 1:15 and 2:15. Many different birds including Peacocks and Swans can be found in the garden aviary too. Definitely worth a visit!

1391115-LGPTMarch 8th: Emily Johnston, OFAH-Invasive species in the garden.

Emily Johnston, Invasive Species Outreach Liaison with the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters Invading Species Awareness Program, will be presenting a slideshow packed with information on some of the most common invasive plants found in Ontario. She will focus on their origin and history, key identification features, the impacts they have, and how to control them effectively to prevent further spreading.

She will also discuss the Early Detection and Distribution mapping system, and how the average citizen can help track the spread of invasive species by using the website or cellphone application.

Feb. 9th: Linda Cardona, Photography in the garden

Linda Cardofacebook_event_1402093310120071na is a Peterborough photographer that specializes in flower photography. She will be speaking to the Lakefield Horticultural Society about how you can improve photos of your flowers. Linda will simplify photography by assuming you have a point and shoot camera which is on automatic. She will reveal some of her favourite tips and techniques to assist you in taking better photos.

2015 Monthly Meetings
(Please note: This is a list of previous speakers for information only)

Tuesday February 10th,  at 7:30 pm

flapSpeaker – Paloma Plant – FLAP
Don’t let your pane be their pain – Preventing bird collisions with windows

Please print and share poster (Feb 2015)

As gardeners we not only enjoy flowers, plants, trees and shrubs in our gardens we also enjoy a lovely variety of birds, butterfly’s and other wildlife.  When something threatens one of these we take action when we can. Who would have thought that buildings would be one of those threats!?

The Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) Canada was the first organization in the world to address the issue of bird collisions with buildings and find solutions to this conservation issue. No longer just a problem with tall, brightly lit structures at night, years of research and data has shown that collectively, residential homes will kill or injure more songbirds than any other buildings combined. Learn why this is such a huge problem, and how you, the homeowner can be part of the solution.

March 10th: Jeff Mason-Hot houseplants, Indoors and Out!

Please print and share our poster (March 2015)

Jeff and his mother Marjorie run Mason House gardens in Uxbridge.

Mason House Gardens is an independent garden centre that started 22 years ago as Mason Hogue Gardens. As plants grow and evolve, so have they. They have a specific interest in unique and hard to find plants. They pride themselves on offering the diverse selection of plants – hardy perennials, tender perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs and containers for the discerning gardener.

To say they love plants would be an understatement. They love plants and experimenting with new varieties.  They love sharing their knowledge with you and learning from you! This evening Jeff will share a unique perspective on tropical plants and incorporating them in your indoor AND outdoor landscape.

April 14th: Paul Zammit-Succulents  $5.00 admission  SOLD OUT!

Please print and share our poster (April 2015)

zammitContainer gardening may be gaining in popularity, but as many enthusiasts are learning, planting in pots doesn’t necessarily mean less work than traditional gardening. Thirsty annuals and perennials require constant watering—sometimes several times a day—not to mention feeding and care, often leaving time-strapped gardeners feeling severely pot-bound. That’s why succulents  are often the preferred plants in Toronto Botanical Garden director of horticulture Paul Zammit’s container combos. “Succulents need far less watering, no deadheading or pinching,” says Paul. “They are also slower growing, resistant to pests and require very little aftercare.”

Learn more at this extra special meeting!  Paul is always a popular speaker. Tickets will most likely be sold out prior to the event.   Seating is limited and entry is by admission.  $5 Tickets available at The Avant-Garden Shop in Peterborough. 705-743-0068

pics of miriam 020May 12th: Miriam Goldberger
Taming Wildflowers: From Seed to Vase – A Celebration, Guide & Users’ Manual

Please print and share our poster

A seductive celebration of wildflowers featuring lush photos from the author’s 100 acre flower farm. Both practical and inspirational this lively talk teaches attendees how-to grow hardy perennial wildflowers from seed, identify wildflower seedlings, the financial and ecological benefits of incorporating wildflowers into community gardens, commercial farms, public parks, pollinator gardens, backyard gardens and cutting gardens; learn how to harvest wildflowers, design floral arrangements and create your own DIY wildflower wedding.

Copy of halcyon08May 19th: A visit to Gardens Plus in Douro with Dawn Golloher  (6:30 Walkabout)
Assuming the weather is good, this will be a lovely chance to wander and explore and to get a personalized tour of Dawn’s beautiful gardens!  This is another of our our “walk about” meetings.

Dawn will share some of her tips on growing/combining low maintenance
perennials with amazing foliage. Including the top Hosta new on the market this season. She will also offer some specials for our group that night only in case you have a some special spots to fill!

Rose & Spring Flower Show!

June 16, 2015 7:30p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

brenda-i-2013-001Every year the Society presents an excellent show of our communities beautiful flowers. The show focuses on Roses and the many varieties now available.  Some roses are especially grown for their scent while others for their numerous blooms or new colours. Many other flowers also available at this time of year and included in the show are flowers such as begonias, carnations, pansies, petunias, phlox, sweet peas, columbines, Canterbury bells, delphiniums etc. You must be a member to enter your flowers, so be sure to join up before the rose show.

You don’t have to be a member to attend this terrific show and admission is free!

We have many people exhibit their beautiful tulips, daffodils, bleeding hearts and other spring flowers. A terrific showing of flowers as usual by our exuberant members.

Sept 8th: Jillian Bishop, Saving Seeds as a Community

seed savingJill Bishop is a long-term seed saver. She has owned and operated urbantomato, a local heirloom seed business, and organized Peterborough’s Seedy Sunday for 10 years. Recently, she has worked to further connect with experienced andinterested seed savers throughout the region to build stronger local seed saving networks and increase the amount of high quality, locally adapted seeds available in our community. The seeds of a Community Seed Library and Seed Savers Collective were planted in late 2013, and have grown over time.

Growers have focused on a variety of different crops that suit their farming or gardening needs. Seeds grown are rare, expensive, threatened or valued by the growers in different ways. Groups share seeds and knowledge to enhance our local food and seed sovereignty.

Jill herself has traditionally focused on growing self-pollinated crops such as tomatoes, peppers and lettuces, and has recently expanded to experiment with growing a variety of grains including quinoa, barley, wheat and buckwheat as well as other rare seeds in isolated urban environments.

Oct 13th: Anna Legatt-Topic “Now I’ve got it, Where do I put it?”

P1060295This is a light hearted look at the attempts of an obsessive plant collector to add some sense of design and unity to her garden. Single plants can contribute to a pleasing design by using colour, form and texture. Key plants are repeated to form a relaxed atmosphere.

Anna’s garden has developed and changed over 40 years, as trees have grown and her tastes have changed.

She is basically a mad gardener, gardening in a comparatively large garden in Toronto with lots of shade and birds, mink, deer and groundhogs.

1090916_417717568383265_8953241550307552666_oNov 10th: Winter arrangements with Lynn Dunford from VanGogh Flowers

Lynn is the designer at VanGogh flowers in Peterborough.  She spends her days choosing flowers to sell and creates beautiful arrangements for sale and delivery.

Lynn will bring along a collection of greens and accessories and give us some tips on creating our own winter arrangements that can be used indoors or out!

2014 Monthly Meetings
(Please note: This is a list of previous speakers for information only)


snow_on_saguaro.imgSpeaker – Anna Mizyn – Winter Hardy Cacti and Succulents

There is big interest in growing cacti and other succulents in our gardens despite the cold and snowy winters we often have. 2013/2014 has been one for the record books!  But yes, there are cacti that will survive even the cold Canadian winters! Join us Tuesday to learn more from Anna!

Anna is originally from Poland, and came to Canada in 1989. In Poland she spent 2 years at Horticultural College, and worked at the local Farmers Co-op. She moved to her “cottage” from the Toronto area with her new husband in 1994 and after 2 years, started selling a few plants and seedlings out of that location…thus Anna’s Perennials, was started. Subsequently, they moved near Lindsay. For several years, Anna has been giving talks/demonstrations to various horticultural groups and area trade shows on many different topics. See


tomatoesSpeaker – Jillian Bishop – Food Gardening and Community Gardens
Jill Bishop has worked with the Peterborough Community Garden Network (PCGN) “Building Resilient & Vibrant Communities, One Garden at a Time” for four years. An avid gardener throughout her whole life, Jill has always loved getting out into gardens and helping others to do the same. She firmly believes that “Gardens are communities in themselves, and an integral part of larger communities.  Jill is also the owner of an heirloom seed business (urbantomato) that works to preserve many varieties of unique vegetables and teaches others to do the same. See a short video of Jillian here.
Seedy Sunday Seed Exchange info here.


Speaker – Charlie Dobbin, Beauty and the Eats – admission $5
Charlie Dobbin is a well-known horticulturist and landscape designer with professional gardening experience world-wide. During her 18- year career in retail, she gave many seminars and demonstrations wrote and edited articles for newspapers and magazines, had her own radio show, and made guest appearances on over a hundred television programs. Every Saturday morning she hosts the Garden and Home Show on the new AM740. During the winter Charlie works as Horticultural Director for Canada Blooms, Toronto’s Flower and Garden Festival.

Charlie will speak about incorporating edible plants into your landscape.  Imagine beet greens popping up between your zinnias, or Swiss chard amongst your hostas!  Maybe a trellis of morning glories twisted up with scarlet runner beans. Charlie will get our imaginative juices flowing for our 2014 garden plans!

This is an extra special speaker, so seating is limited and entry is by admission.  $5 Tickets available at The Avant-Garden Shop in Peterborough. 705-743-0068


176028Speaker – Wetlands & Marshes Doug Kennedy is an Environmental Technologist and owner of Green Side Up Environmental Services. A graduate of Sir Sandford Fleming College, he has worked since 1996 in the horticultural and environmental industry.

Since this time he has not looked back and continues to learn and push forward as a pioneer in the green industry. In addition to founding GSU, Doug is also active in the community. He has served on the City of Kawartha Lakes Environmental Advisory Committee (CKLEAC) and presently is an instructor and course developer at Sir Sandford Fleming College (SSFC).

This evening he’ll speak about the importance of marshes and wetlands, their function and also about restoration projects.  With Lakefield being so closely associated with a beautiful and valuable marsh this should turn out to be very relevant for our guests.

Griffins Greenhouse Visit – Walkabout and presentation

Location: 3026 Lakefield Rd, Peterborough, 5 km north of Trent University on Lakefield Rd/County Rd 29.

012_(640x428)Griffin’s Greenhouses is a family run business entering its 37th year of business. Ann and Jack Griffin began selling plants from a road side stand in 1976. Ann and Jack’s business eventually grew to a ten month a year business with multiple greenhouses, an award winning display garden, and two garden gift shops.


mushroomsSpeaker – Jan Thornhill – Mushrooms
Jan Thornhill has been studying Ontario’s amazing (and delicious!) fungi for more than 25 years. She is a 10-year member of the Mycological Society of Toronto, leads forays with this group as well as privately, and is an experienced speaker. Jan is also a well-known writer and illustrator of science- and nature-based children’s books, her most recent is, Is This Panama? A Migration Story. Visit her website at:


joe cookSpeaker – Joe Cook – Peonies
Joe and Hazel Cook with their daughter Amy have operated a family owned business, Blossom Hill Nursery since 1994, specializing in the hybridization and propagation of British Delphinium elatum. A second passion has resulted in an extensive peony collection of over 600 varieties including species, tree, herbaceous and intersectional peonies. The Cooks are propagating the peonies, including grafting 100 varieties of tree peonies. They continue to win many prestigious awards.

In 2014 received a Peterborough Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence award for BEST Micro Business. Congratulations to the Cooks from The Lakefield Horticultural Society.