Lakefield in Bloom, Annual Flower Show-Tuesday June 18th 7:00pm

brenda-i-2013-001Every year the Society presents an excellent show of our communities beautiful flowers.   Many flowers are bursting into bloom at this time of year such as begonias, carnations, pansies, Iris, petunias, phlox, roses, sweet peas, columbines, Canterbury bells, delphiniums etc. You must be a member to enter your flowers, so be sure to join up before the flower show.


roseshowYou don’t have to be a member to attend this terrific show and admission is free!

We have many people exhibit their beautiful tulips, daffodils, bleeding hearts, iris and so many other spring flowers. There are also some beautiful arrangements designed by members using flowers from their gardens. A terrific showing of flowers as usual by our exuberant members. A great way to get the season going!

Flowers to be placed by participants between 4 and 5:15pm. Judging begins at 5:30pm

Mini flower shows, May, Sept and Oct.

Mini flower shows are held 3 times per year at regular meetings.

Specific categories for the show and the decorative are on page 18 of your yearbook. Please bring entries between 6 and  6:45P.M. so that they can be judged before our meeting begins.   Pages 10 and 11 of the yearbook provide advice on how to condition flowers to enter a show with rules displayed on page 12. You will need to fill out an entry card, available at the meeting, with each specimen that you enter.

May 14th Mini flower show
Hopefully there will be lots of daffodils, tulips, primulas and other spring flowers available. As well, you can try out your decorative side with creating a design in a cup. “To Mother with Love.”  If you have any questions please call Marjut Mickels (705-877-3588.)

Sept. 11th Mini flower show
At this show we’ll see more of the late summer and fall flowers such as zinnia’s, dahlia’s, marigolds etc. The decorative for this mini show is “Harvest time.” See your yearbook for full details.

Oct. 8th  Mini flower show
We have fewer flowers available at this time of year but that doesn’t mean there is no beauty remaining.  Bring any fall flowers, colourful leaves, grasses or dried materials. The decorative is “Farewell to autumn.”  In addition there is a photography section.