Pollinator garden

The pollinator patch (bee garden) is up and running at Isabel Morris park. This is a garden designed  to attract as many pollinators as possible, complete with a bee house, which is a nesting box for many different kinds of solitary bees. These native bees are a non stinging small variety, which actively pollinate a large number of our trees and plants.  Some native plants have been planted, and more will be added during the season.

A sign courtesy the Ontario Horticultural Association (Garden Ontario) has also been added to explain to visitors what a pollinator garden is. Take a walk and check it out! The bees have already “checked in” with 12 spaces occupied with larvae ready to hatch next spring!

Thanks to the bee committee, Dot, Anne, Sue, Bev, Emma, Pam and Mike for all their hard work!  Also, thanks to the OHA and The Peterborough Pollinators group for the donations and financial support to allow us to complete this project.

A media launch will be held at the garden later in the summer when the flowers are blooming.

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